Regain Trust and Reunite with Your Ex

Published: 12th July 2009
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Do you think it is possible to reunite with your ex after you've cheated? Experts say an affair in a relationship is common and will usually end a relationship unless both parties are dedicated to the making the required repairs. But gaining back the trust that has been lost seems more overwhelming then re-building the relationship itself. Many people feel it is hopeless to try and regain their partners trust much less save the relationship.

I personally believe 95% of relationships are salvageable but the deeper the hurt the harder the work to rebuild a strong foundation. Repairing broken trust is definitely one of the more difficult roads in a relationship and making an attitude and actions adjustment is necessary as well as the areas I list here.

I have heard so many times from so many unfaithful partners that it has nothing to do with looks, or their love for their partner, but rather an attitude that suddenly caused them to drift. The question then becomes, why?

1. Asses the reason you were unfaithful and be honest with yourself. Ask yourself:

What was I searching for? Or what came over me to make me go astray?

- Was it lack of sex or intimacies in you're the relationship? Perhaps the sex needs some sprucing up?

-Was your partner too busy and vacant from the relationship for long time?

-Did you become no longer attracted to your partner? Is so, why?

I am not saying that any of the reasons above are reasons to cheat but each one of us is different and have different needs and when they are not met for some time, it is easy for someone else to meet them even if only for a short while.

2. Do a Relationship Analysis.

Ask yourself what needs to be done to fix the relationship into the one in which, you would never have strayed. Remember that you cannot blame your mishap on your partner. There may be reasons behind their negative actions or attitude in the relationship and some of those reasons could be you, your attitude and your actions.

-Is your relationship one you consider solid, happy and fulfilling? Is so, then you need to do a self analysis and find out what made you stray from a good relationship. If it is not solid, fulfilling and happy, what changes need to be made?

-Is your partner there for you or are you going through life with friends and family but not your partner?

-Does your partner need an attitude adjustment? Or do you?

-Do you spend quality time together and show affection to each in the relationship?

-Are you bored and in need of excitement?

3. Take Firm Actions to Fix the Underlying Problems.

To reclaim trust and reunite with your ex you must take firm steps in fixing the underlying problems. Often times this is where couples need a buffer and will go for couples counseling. Regardless of which road you take, your actions need to be correct, solid, and laying a foundation for future trust.

4. Make Modest Promises and Keep Them.

If you promise to help out with a few chores in the evening and do it. Choose your promise wisely because you must be consistent in this approach.

If you exhibit trustworthy behavior in minor areas, gradually a sense of faith will be realized line.

5. Want to Stay with your Partner? Be Patient!

The need for constant reassurance and feelings of insecurity will be often from your partner. Be prepared to apologize more than once throughout this process. Don't blame place blame or become agitated when the incident is brought up, and it will be brought up, especially in moments of insecurity. You don't have to feel guilty forever but be understanding.

6. Conjure a Positive Spell.

It is very common for couples to say that although the affair, getting through it and rebuilding the relationship was heartbreaking and tough; their relationship is stronger and better off because of it. This is common with many pitfalls in life, which is where the saying, "That that does not kill us only makes us stronger," comes from.

Keep things on a positive note, even if you're not feeling very positive yourself. Regard the situation as a chance for you to both grow as a couple, to learn more about being together through thick and thin.

Rebuilding a broken relationship can often result in a more powerful bond with each other but to do so requires acknowledging reasons for the infidelity and assessing the relationships value to you. Much Patience is required.

Regaining trust in a relationship to reunite with your ex is highly achievable and has a high success rate. It takes time and requires that you change both your attitudes and actions. Rebuild your partner's faith by adhering to small promises on a regular basis and keeping your patience in check. Brave a positive front and shine light on the possibility of an even stronger relationship.

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